Nail Polish: A Longer, Lasting Look

September 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

While at the gym with my sister, Deandra, this morning, she noticed my nails and complimented its fresh-looking condition. She told me the nail polish on her pointer-fingers always seemed to chip easier than her other nails.

A lot of people have a problem with chipping nail polish, it’s almost inevitable. But the conversation got me thinking about whether or not spending more money on a certain brand would produce better, longer lasting results.

I came across Cosmetics Cop and found an article about lasting nail polish tips. It clarified things I had an idea about and introduced me to new pointers I’ve never even heard. An example that the more expensive polishes aren’t as great as they may appear to be, regardless of its claims. Though, lucky for me I never spend more than a few dollars on nail care! Like the article states, nail polish won’t last forever.

Here are some of the brands I use and absolutely love:

Petites (color: Mystical); This brand is excellent for a professional look. The polish is thick enough to hide brush strokes but thin enough to allow for a double coat without the risk of chipping away quickly.

Pure Ice (color: Jaguar); I’ve always been a fan of Pure Ice nail polish. Though this polish isn’t as thick so the results may look a little uneven. Nonetheless, it lasts for several days and there is a fantastic range of colors from which to choose.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails (color: Natural Tint); I love this one! If I’m not using it as a base coat or I’m running short on time, it adds a nice shine to my nails without cracking or chipping right away. Many of the clear coats I’ve tried in the past don’t seem to adhere to my nail; I never have that problem with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.

These are just the most recent additions to my collection, all of them under three bucks from Wal-Mart!

Here I used the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails as a base coat and Petites (Mystical). This photo, by the way, is day three with no touch-ups and no top coat.


§ One Response to Nail Polish: A Longer, Lasting Look

  • admirer from a distance says:

    Hi Marisa!

    I had a question about nail polish. I’ve recently been trying out some clear top coats and nail strengthening polishes because my nails chip and split so easily. My problem is that bubbles keep forming in the polishes and I don’t know what I’m doing incorrectly! Any suggestions?

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